A new solution in the text devices of the A/K/M series! From now on, in each text device, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of graphic effects applied to the text.
Additionally, RGB Technology has developed 3D effects that are standard in the text devices.
Sample effects applied to the text:
- smooth passage of the text from the right to the left (default effect)
- instant text show
- entry of the text from the bottom of the display accompanied by pushing the current text to the top
- vertical comb effect
- horizontal comb effect
- Milky Way effect
- blinking effect
- scanner effect
- laser effect
and 3D effects:

- zoom effect
- flashing effect
- changing the current text to a new text by rotation of 180°  
- text rotation of 360°

Another modification of the devices of the AKM series is replacing the standard PS2 keyboard with a USB keyboard, which enables wireless communication.
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